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Süt Pişirme Tankları

Dikey Standart Süt Soğutma Tankı

14.500,00 TL

Dikey Standart Süt Soğutma Tankı




  • Aisi 304 quality stainless steel
  • 1.the base is 2 mm and has 0.8 mm EP type laser-welded coolant evaporator surface accreted to the wall.
  • 1.wall body 1.5 mm
  • Isolated body 1 mm
  • The coolant unit is bottom-mounted to the tank body.
  • There are 1 25 W 21 rpm reducer and a stainless steel mixer wing attached to it.
  • The insulation range is 50 mm thick and is insulated with water-based high-density polyurethane foam material that does not contain HCFC.
  • Product output is ½ " spherical valve.
  • Spring cover is available.
  • There is a product entrance with a cover of Ø 200 mm on the cover.
  • ‰ Manual measurement ruler with a sensitivity ratio of 3-4 is available.
  • Design in such a way that there is zero fluid in it during discharge.
  • Sourced Zones 1.the class is a source of Argon TIG 1.the class is smooth polished.
  • The feet have adjustable foot bolts.

Cooling Group

  • Ability to cool fast and without icing according to minimum milk amount
  • Minimum gas charge
  • A 404 gas cooled
  • 2BII class
  • Each milking (32 °C – 38 °C) allows cooling from 35 °C to 4 °C at ambient temperature.
  • Direct cooling system
  • Certificate of conformity to TSE 13732 standard
  • Optional 2 li, 4 lü 6 li milking system suitable designs

Electric Group

  • Electrical panels with IP 65 protection class
  • The tanks are capable of working with 220volt-380Volt energy.
  • Heat Gauge with digital thermometer
  • Special design, easy to operate tank and milk temperature can be controlled electronic control card
  • Phase protection relay
  • The system is automatically disabled when the tank cover is opened.
  • Automatic mixing program with special software; after the milk has reached the desired set value, the working time of the mixer can be adjusted at the desired intervals. (Don't work for 3 minutes and stop for 10 minutes
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